Selling in auction

Evaluations of the objects

In order to have an evaluation of the objects you wish to sell, you should contact Della Rocca Auction House to arrange a consultation. Our experts will be glad to help you in obtaining the best results from a sale at auction. You can contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail.

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Signing the selling contract

Following the evaluation, if you decide to proceed you will have to sign a selling contract. This is a document which authorizes Della Rocca to sell all the objects listed, each with the indication of a ‘reserve price’. The ‘reserve’ is the strictly confidential minimum selling price, agreed upon by you and Della Rocca before the sale, below which the object cannot be sold.
The objects on sale at auction are outlined in the catalogue with descriptions of their characteristics and conditions. These notes include the estimated selling price and – usually – a photograph.

Seller's expenses

The seller is bound to pay Della Rocca a commission (agreed upon before the sale) that is deducted from the final hammer price.
Whatever the outcome of the auction, the seller will be in any case charged transport, cataloguing and insurance expenses.
The insurance cover entails a premium rate of 1% on the reserve price, with a minimum of EUR 5,00 in case of unsold lots.

The seller is also charged the Artist’s Resale Right (or ‘Diritto di Seguito’, Dlgs n.118 of 13/02/2006) fee, that is to say a resale royalty which artists who are living or have died in the last 70 years are entitled to each time one of their works is resold.


After the auction, Della Rocca Auction House communicates the outcome of the sale by email or by telephone. The payment of the final hammer price, net of our commissions and any agreed-upon expenses, will be sent 30 business days from the date of the sale by check or wire transfer.

The payment will be carried out provided we are in receipt of the buyer’s payment and there haven’t been any complaints or disputes regarding the lots.

Storage and insurance

The purchased lots are covered by Della Rocca Auction House insurance for up to 10 days after the sale date, which is also the deadline for payment and pickup. A possible further insurance may be contracted only if specifically requested by the buyer.

After the payment and pickup deadline, Della Rocca will no longer be liable for the care and any spoilage or deterioration of the lots. Furthermore, Della Rocca Auction House will have the right to charge the buyer for storage expenses.