Temporary closure update

In relation to the recent Covid-19 outbreak emergency and the latest government ordinances aimed at containing and contrasting it, the offices and warehouses of Della Rocca Auction House will be closed until further notice in keeping with local authority guidelines.

Remote working has been implemented where possible to ensure the safety of our employees and partners and to guarantee ongoing contacts and relations with our clients.

We have also decided to temporary postpone all sales, including those online, as our priority is to safeguard the value of the items we have been entrusted with.

At such a dramatic time as this, we are aware that the market we operate in could be strongly penalized by the extreme uncertainty and turmoil; our aim is first and foremost to protect and promote the priceless heritage in our hands.

In the hope of restarting soon the operating activity, any updates to our sales calendar will be promptly communicated.

Certain that the above-mentioned choices will be shared by our clients and suppliers, we want to express our gratitude for their trust in us.
Our heartfelt support goes out to them and their families, in the hope that everything will pass without any dire consequences, especially for the people, who represent - above and beyond all other assets - the most valuable resource for our society.

Della Rocca Team